Head Bartender

We are looking for for a Head Bartender for employment at an upscale Southampton Village, well-established Chef /Owned Restaurant. We are a restaurant focusing on high quality curated cuisine and a curated cocktail program. We are seeking a strong bartender to join our small FOH staff. If you have a warm and hospitality-oriented personality, this position is right for you. Bartending or mixology experience is required, with warm client centric personality. Head bartenders must be comfortable managing a bar with 15 seats as well as the restaurant’s cocktail service bar. It is very important that they are passionate about curated culinary and food service as well interaction/presentation to dine in and at the bar. Email us with a brief summary about yourself, your background and experience for immediate in-person interviews: [email protected]

Salary or Hourly Rate

hourly/salary based on experience plus tips

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