Housing Specialist




The Housing Specialist reports to the Social Services Supervisor and will aid clients towards self-sufficiency by securing permanent housing and teaching independent living skills. The Housing Specialist will provide community resources and referrals. S/he will provide access to additional services including housing, social services, preventative services, education, mental health, and legal.



  • Minimum of four years’ experience in providing housing placement services and supportive Housing.

  • Strong written and verbal skills.

  • Bilingual Spanish written and verbal fluency desirable (not mandated)

  • Demonstrate communication skills when dealing with clients from various cultural backgrounds.

  • Proficient in data entry (Microsoft suite) and internet search.

  • Valid Driver’s license.

  • Experience as a broker or real estate agent.

  • Relationships with brokers and landlords within the community.



  • Complete a written service plan designed to help the Single Adults achieve permanent housing within 60 days of admission.

  • Acquire five apartments weekly for housing placements.

  • Ensure that all clients see three apartments weekly.

  • Assess the client’s needs through a written service plan.

  •    Review Service Plan and Exit Strategy with residents within the first ten days and revisit as necessary to obtain permanent housing.

  • Implement a plan with the director and supervisor and caseworker, in fulfilling the minimum preparation for obtaining permanent housing for resident Single Adults.

  • Assist in obtaining permanent housing.

  • Assistance in securing employment assessments, Job Training and Job Placement Services, if necessary and appropriate.

  • Make referrals to agencies necessary in implementing the resident service plan.

  • Submit monthly reports to the Directors and/or Supervisor, Reports are to reflect all activities.

  • Attend various workshops, conferences, training sessions, etc. as designed by the Program Director and /or supervisor and report the same in writing.

  • Maintain documentation as per status of the client’s Housing situation.

  • Attend all case conferences Bi-weekly.

  • Accompany residents to prospective permanent housing, to ensure fair standards and practices.

  • Provide independent housing workshops twice a month.

  • Ensure that all housing applications are completed with all attachments and submitted.

  • Develop a network of landlords and realtors throughout the five boroughs and out of state.

  • Provide a thorough orientation for each client; clarifying how the housing placement works.

  • Documents all contact with clients, and other pertinent information in the clients file, on a bi- weekly basis.


Annual salary range is $50,000-$55,000.


Candidates interested in the position should submit a cover letter, resume, and three references to  [email protected] with “Housing Specialist” in the subject line by Friday, November  4, 2022 by 5pm.


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